Safety and Environment:
Commitment to making it first nature of our employees to do the right thing and do it right to ensure safety of our employees and the elimination of environmental impacts.

Commitment and understanding that using the finest resources to create quality products and services enhances productivity of our operations and ultimately our customer’s operations.

Understanding our customer`s needs and continuously managing a diverse set of companies to allow for enhanced solutions.

Finding innovative, effective solutions that are customized to meet our customers’ needs.

Commitment to conduct all relationships with high levels of transparency and honesty.

Community Involvement:
Understanding impacts of the industry on community societal norms and commit to operating in socially responsible manner by giving back to the community.

Commitment to developing our greatest resource, our employees.

Milman Industries Inc. actively works to improve upon our ability as well as our customers’ ability to reduce environmental impacts.

Reducing environmental impacts from our operations and our customer’s operations by…

  • Identifying improvement areas within processes and operations
  • Developing innovative solutions that offer distinct and sustainable advantages
  • Promoting an internal learning environment to facilitate the development and application of improved processes using the most highly skilled, cross-functional workforce

Milman Industries Inc. and its affiliate companies believe that sustainability involves adhering to Economic, Social, as well as Environmental goals. This involves the strategic planning of how we will meet operational and strategic goals without compromising the capabilities of future generations.

Economic – Hire Local, Work Local, Live Local
The fiscal health of our company and that of our customers is directly tied to the health of our Northern economy.

As a result, it is imperative that we strive to sustain a healthy local economy through a local operating presence, local infrastructure, and local investment. It is equally important to employ, train and develop our local people. This will allow us to support and strengthen Northern Ontario’s economy and ensure the continued presence of a skilled workforce.

Social Equity – Building Partnerships for the Future
Our future strength lies in our ability to develop partnerships with our customers, employees, community, and First Nations groups. Sustainable success is predicated on building reciprocal and integral relationships with our partners.

We understand that our partners value quality and innovation. We also understand that quality and innovation drives cost savings, but that the inverse is rarely true, thus the forefront of our efforts must be on organizational learning to facilitate the ability to provide quality and innovation.

Environmental – More than Just Thinking Green
We are committed to reducing environmental impacts by actively participating in recycling programs, conserving energy, investing in technological advancements and finding ways to boost the efficiency of our operations.