Milman Industries Inc. understands the risk associated with our respective Industry. We value the well-being and safety of our people and put our people’s safety ahead of our operations.

Beginning with Leadership and Learning

We necessitate a positive work environment and encourage proactive leadership and learning to enhance knowledge sharing amongst employees and ultimately maximize the safety of our workplace. We eliminate safety hazard risks by defining and implementing a pre-start project checklist, process hazard reviews and ensuring compliance of health and safety procedures before implementing projects.

Sustaining with Compliance and Integrity

We induct all employees at every level with training on Health and Safety policies and standards. We promote employees, suppliers and business partners to perform with integrity to contribute to a proactive environment for creating a safe workplace.

Monitoring and Continual Analysis

We collect, monitor and continuously analyze information related to health and safety to enhance our ability to predetermine risks and define preventative actions allowing us to completely avoid these risks on current and future projects.